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Union Chemists (Pte) Ltd., was established in 1961 as a sole Proprietor business entity by our Late founder Mr. Shirley Rodrigo, We are a chain pharmacy with 7 outlets. Union Chemists (Pte) Ltd. has served the nation for Over 3 Generations, with Prescription Medication, Preparation mixing local Applications, supplying of Wheelchairs, Orthopaedic supports, Home and professional medical Care equipment, Surgical consumable.

With present busy schedules and traffic situations to customers, we have established our  “Online Pharmacy” service. Customers can log in to “Union Chemists pharmacy online” Upload the medical Prescription or buy home or  Professional Medical equipment Orthopaedic supports Wheel chairs, from our “Pharmacy Online service”.

Union Chemists delivery service will send your order through our experience qualified dispenser to your doorstep. Our team is trained on Medicinal Product or prescription Advice and Explanation, Medical Equipment Demonstration and installation.

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